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NutriDose 2

In addition to dosing of EC and pH raise or lower, this controller has a number of features that set it apart from other dosers. For example, has a full PC interface, it allows a different EC to be set for day and night, has additional outputs that can be used for two zone, to-waste applications. It also measures the nutrient (or grow-bed) temperature and can also switch on a heater (or chiller) to control this.

The two extra outputs can be used to switch on pumps and valves to allow it to operate as a simple two zone batched fertigation system (or even to remotely control events such as reservoir dumping or adding additional water to dilute the EC). When used for fertigation, the controller can be coupled to an Autogrow Enviro-Sensor (with PAR light sensor) so that it can use its built-in solar integrator for triggering irrigations. This causes the controller to irrigate after a (user set) amount of sunlight has been received

The NutriDose II has an advanced PC interface that provides data logging and subsequent graphical display of EC, pH and nutrient temperature as well as the ability to remotely set the controller. It provides remote alarms ie at the PC (via its sound card) and also telephone alarms (via its MODEM) to a pager or cellular phone. The Compugrow software allows the user to trigger events from the PC such as (1) switch dosing ON/OFF, (2) start irrigation (3) dump main tank (4) Add water to main tank. By using remote access software, it is possible to dial into your supervising PC from anywhere in the world and to view the readings, graphs and settings and to make any changes you wish. Of course this feature is password protected.

  • EC resolution 0.1CF (0.01 mS/cm)
  • pH resolution 0.01 pH
  • Temperature resolution 0.1 Deg C
  • Temperature in Deg C OR Deg F
  • Conductivity in EC (mS/cm) or CF units
  • Different day and night set points for EC
  • Logs EC, pH, Temp to disk every 5 or 1 min
  • Easily recalibrated
  • Controller continues to operate if PC goes down
  • Compugrow software operates under W95/W98/W2000
  • PC can be up to 1200m from controller
  • Two year warranty
  • Dose using peristaltic pumps or solenoid valves