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Autovent 1

"Tireless Monitoring"

  • Suited to most styles of greenhouse structure and roof vents including:- saw-tooth vents, single roof vent or twin independent gull-wing vents.
  • Optional side vents with any of the above roof types
  • Works tirelessly to maintain the set temperature.
  • Wind and rain overrides to close roof vent(s) (fully settable)
  • Vents are nudged open and closed (nudge size settable).
  • Vents close quicker than they open.
  • Auto-purge sequence available to reduce chance of excessive humidity when vents are closed.
The Autovent 1 uses a temperature sensor with simple rain and high wind sensor overrides to provide a low cost automatic venting system. Two temperature set points are used, one for the roof vents and the other for the side walls. Manual override switches and LED indicators on the front panel give good user information and the ability to manually take over the control at any time.


AutoPurge On/Off - When the vents are all fully closed, this setting opens the main vents by one nudge every 15 minutes and then immediately closes them. This is normally sufficient to exhaust the stale humid air. This helps reduce fungal disease problems which can occur if the greenhouse is closed for long periods. This action will be overridden by high wind and rain (if enabled).


They then operate to maintain the inside temperature as follows: If the temperature is more than 0.5 deg C above the set point(s) then the vents will nudge open. After a delay time of 3 minute if the temperature is more than 0.5 deg C above the set point then the vents will nudge open again. Alternatively, after the delay time of 1 minute, if the temperature is lower than 0.5 deg C below the setpoint then the vents will nudge closed.

Although the controller tries to keep track of the vent positions (by monitoring the timings of the automatic operations) it is possible for the calculated position to creep out and for incorrect operation to result. This is especially the case when manual operation has been used as the controller does not monitor this. To avoid this potential problem, the vents will continue to try to nudge closed even when they are fully closed if the temperature is low or to nudge open when fully open if the temperature is high. This will happen every 15 minutes. This is a safety feature.

On rain detected, one vent or both vents, if selected, will close for 10 min's. If single vent closure is selected the vent to close will be the last vent to experience strong wind.