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Specification – Enviro and Nutri Minders

These monitors can be used on-line to a PC or off-line for data logging


Up to 128 devices may be connected in "daisy chain" fashion to the PC adapter. These can include any mix of the Minder series monitors, our AutoVent2 or 3 controlles or dosing/fertigation controller range NutriDose II.The monitors may be grouped into different systems. Usually a group will represent one greenhouse so that viewing is organised in a logical way.Data may be uploaded to the PC either every 1 or 5 minutes. This is set on the PC.Alarms may be set for each monitor and even for each measured variable. Data is logged to the hard disk of the computer for later graphical display.


Whenever a PC is not connected the monitors continue in off-line mode. In this mode they record data every 5 minutes to an internal memory. They may then be carried to a PC and as soon as they switched on and connected to the computer, the data will be uploaded for logging to disk and display. The maximum data storage is limited to 10 days.

EC, pH, Temperature, run-off (EPT2000 monitor)

Display EC and pH to two decimal points resolution.Accuracy of EC and pH will depend on calibrationIf used in an electrically quiet area and properly calibrated at a temperature within 10 deg C of application temperature, accuracy will be better than +/- 0.2 errorTemperature accuracy better that 0.5 deg C without calibration, 0.2 deg C with calibrationEasy to recalibrate in any standard solution. Calibrations are stored in permanent memory (ie they are still there is the power fails)Run-off quantity is measured by counting pulses from a flow meter. The run-off resolution will depend on the flow sensor used and can vary from 1 count per ml up to very large quantities per count. The unit will count up from zero to its maximum count of 1000 before restarting at zero and is reset at midnight. The total for each day is easily captured and summarised by the PC software. Very rugged "tipping bucket" flow sensors are useful with nutrient enriched water as they are less prone to jamming up due to crystallisation of the solution of moving parts

Air temperature, RH, CO2 and Solar (TRS2000)

Air temperature resolution: +/-0.1 deg CNutrient temperature resolution to 0.1 degC or degFAir temperature accuracy +/-0.5 deg C uncalibrated, 0.2 deg calibratedRelative Humidity accuracy +/- 5%CO2 accuracy depends on sensor supplied - a variety of sensors may be used with this instrument.Solar irradiance accuracy with low cost PAR sensor +/- 12%Solar irradiance accuracy with Apogee PAR sensor +/- 5%Solar integration to 999,000 mmol (999 mol)


The warranty on the monitor, solar sensor and temperature sensor is limited to 2 years – return to factory. Before returning the unit for service you must call Autogrow Systems Ltd for a return authorisation (RMA) number.pH and RH sensors and fans carry only a 6 month warranty from their respective manufacturers.This warranty specifically excludes any parts that have been broken or damaged by water, chemical attach or excessive temperature. In particular, the monitor and PC interface must be stored and used in a dry, shaded and well ventilated situation. At no time must the case temperature be allowed to exceed 60 degC (140 deg F).

This warranty specifically excludes liability for consequential damages or for charges for labour or other expense in making repairs or adjustments, or loss of time or inconvenience.