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Nutri Minder

The Nutrient Minder works the same as the Enviro minder but logs nutrient information instead. It will log and display EC (CF), pH, Nutrient Temperature and run-off quantity. This is useful for monitoring run-off from greenhouses to ensure that they comply with allowable run-off regulations.Both the Nutri-Minder and the Enviro-Minder can be configured to display European or USA date styles, EC or CF units, Deg C or Deg F

If your PC ever goes off-line the MINDERS will continue to log data for over a week. As soon as the PC is reconnected the locally stored data is automatically up-loaded.

T2000 - Remote Temperature Monitor

This low cost remote monitor has a stainless steel sensor that can be placed in the nutrient, hydroponic gully, grow bed or root-zone. It does not have a local display nor the ability to data log locally and so must be connected on-line to the PC. When connected to the PC running Compugrow software it provides a continuous readout of temperature as well as a graphical record and high/low temperature alarms. Besides its use in greenhouses it is ideal for monitoring cool store temperatures, orchards, vineyards and even swimming pools.

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